- Sha-Mar Pets offers Animal Grooming services. Whether it is Dogs needing a hair cut, Cats needing a bath, Birds needing there tallins trimmed, or small animals needing there claws shortened, we can help. Give us a call today. 

Aquarium Lease and Maintenance

   - Sha-Mar Pets Leasing specializes in hassle free aquarium rentals, specifically designed for medical offices, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools and daycares. We offer aquarium rentals with absolutely no hidden fees. Sha-Mar Pets Leasing takes care of everything, from the installation, introduction of livestock, and food to all the cleaning and maintenance! We provide you with an aquarium that is both stunning to look at and free of any maintenance for you. We offer a large selection of stock aquariums and fish to select from, as well as an unlimited ability to customize your tank to suit your business needs and budget. An aquarium from Sha-Mar Pets Leasing will enhance any business environment. Contact us today about our aquarium leasing programs to see just how affordable and easy it is to add a new dimension to your business.