Elite Sponge Filter
Elite Sponge Filter



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The Elite Sponge Filter is an air-driven filter that efficiently oxygenates and filters aquarium water. The filter includes carbon and foam inserts for effective mechanical and biological filtration. To maintain biological filtration always rinse the foam filter in water taken from the aquarium. Oxygenation of aquarium water is best achieved by positioning the vertically adjustable outlet at the water surface. This compact internal filter system can conveniently be installed in a variety of locations inside the aquarium and is completely safe for even the smallest baby fish (fry).

  • Biological and Mechanical filtration
  • Ideal for Small Aquariums
  • Gentle Filtration Traps Waste
  • Safe for Even Small Fry
  • Easy to Maintain

MAINTENANCE: Before use, rinse foam and carbon under tap water. Rinse foam weekly in water that is taken from your aquarium. Never rinse foam in hot or cold water, this will destroy beneficial bacteria accumulating in the foam.